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Lifetime Support

Get a free lifetime of technical support direct with Utopia.

10 Years

As standard, you'll get our market-leading 10 years of free complimentary labour direct with Utopia.

30 days No-Fail Guarantee

If critical-issues should arise in the first 30 days, then your system will be eligible for a full system rebuild with all new components.

Manufactured in Scotland

Flawless craftsmanship & cable management


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All Utopia laptops feature high-colour accurate panels with fast refresh rates. Experience fluid gaming and crisp visuals.

Screen Calibration

All Utopia laptops feature high-colour accurate panels with fast refresh rates. Experience fluid gaming and crisp visuals.


The brain of your PC, determining system speed and ability to run various applications and games. A CPU's frequency, the number of cores, threads, and its features will affect how efficient your PC will be at performing tasks simultaneously. Pairing a high-end graphics card with a low-end processor (or vice versa) can limit your system's total performance in the majority of applications and games. Not sure what to choose? Give our team a shout and we will help.

Thermal Compound

Thermal compound sits between your processor and cooler to transfer heat more efficiently, keeping your processor as cool as possible during operation. We recommend choosing an upgraded thermal compound as they transfer heat faster, and for longer.


Memory allows your PC to perform tasks in real-time. There are two factors in choosing memory: capacity, and speed. Memory capacity will have the largest impact on your computer's ability to perform multiple tasks at once, whereas speed will affect its ability to execute individual tasks effectively. Memory is available in both RGB and non-RGB variants. The following memory options are compatible with your motherboard selection.

Windows Drive

Your system requires at least one drive. The team at Utopia recommend M.2 NVMe SSDs, as they are extremely fast modern storage solutions that can dramatically reduce loading times in applications and games. TOP TIP: We will install Windows on this drive unless told otherwise.

SSD Slot 2

Add in some optional secondary storage that is ideal for storing projects and running games from.

Graphics Card

Your graphics card will have the largest effect on gaming performance, including frame rate, visual fidelity, and effects. Choosing the right graphics card for your system depends on multiple factors including your monitor's resolution and refresh rate, budget, desired features, and the games you play. If you plan on using your system for creative applications like 3D Rendering and Adobe, then getting the best card for your workflow is key.

Keyboard Language

Pick your keyboard language and layout

Wireless Cards

Need to be able to connect your computer to the Internet without an ethernet cable? Then choose one of these WiFi cards. In short, the more expensive the card, the better signal from your router. Keep in mind, Utopia always recommended connecting via an ethernet cable for the most reliable and fast connection possible.


Are you docking your laptop between home and work and hate carrying cables and plugs with you all the time? Or fancy just having a backup. You can pick up spare chargers here.

Operating System

Chose your operating system. While both Windows Home and Pro versions are available, the Pro version of Windows offers additional features such as BitLocker encryption, Remote Desktop, and other valuable tools.

Remote Support

We offer worldwide remote support so that if you run into problems when gaming or using your system for work, one of our engineers can remotely log in and help you get back up and running.

Transit Armour

Next-level system protection - Transit Armour. We recommend choosing our specially designed Transit Armour to keep your system ultra-safe and secure during transit.

Fast Track Delivery

Need your system in a rush? Choose VIP Fast Track Delivery for a priority build and delivery time.