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Smashing Tech Norms, One Computer at a Time

At Utopia Computers, we believe tech should be badass and break barriers. We're not just another computer manufacturer—we’re your rebellious partners in the tech revolution. For almost 30 years, we've been in the trenches, tweaking and perfecting, to bring you machines that kick ass and take names. Our mission? Unleasing your potential through technology, Epic Gaming Rigs and Powerhouse Workstations for everyone. And you know what? We might just be the happiest tech company on the planet 💛

Our Kickass Journey

Almost 30 years ago, our founder Ian—a Harley-driving serial entrepreneur with a love for technology dating back to the rubber-keyed Spectrums—set up Utopia Computers, initially focused on computer repairs. Fast forward to today, and it’s his son Craig, with a passion for building things, who has assembled a stellar team and pushed forward Ian's vision. Now, Utopia Computers is all about creating epic gaming rigs and powerhouse workstations for clients all over the world. We've got the goods to make it happen.


Utopia Founder, Ian (left), with his wife Sally (middle) and Craig (right) who now leads Utopia as MD

Why We’re Your Best Bet

Our creds aren’t just about time served; they’re about the blood, sweat, and tech we’ve poured into every build. Here’s why we’re the mutt’s nuts:

Custom Chaos

Whether you're a gamer needing that win or a pro craving power, we tailor the tech to your exact whims.

Rock-Solid Quality

Only the best components make the cut. Every build is battle-tested for peak performance and dependability.

Ethical Rebels

Proud supporters of  fair work and sustainability. When you choose Utopia, you’re backing a brand that gives a damn about people and the planet.

Relentless Innovation

We don’t just follow trends; we set them. Pushing boundaries and breaking barriers, we bring you the latest and greatest in tech before anyone else.

How We Make You Unstoppable

When you roll with Utopia Computers, you’re not just getting a machine—you’re joining a revolution. Here’s what’s in it for you:

Savvy Advice

We help you pick the perfect gear to suit your needs and budget, no BS.

Bespoke Builds

Every computer is handcrafted to your specs, ensuring it's as unique as you.

Full-On Support

From the moment you unbox to the final boss battle, we’ve got your back with relentless support.

Future-Proof Tech

We build with tomorrow in mind, ensuring your rig can handle the latest games and software upgrades for years to come.

Proof in the Pudding

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out how we’ve transformed our clients into legends

P Vaziri.png__PID:4dce896a-6fb1-45f1-ab5b-7d65ac9a41b8

P Vaziri

Utopia Sonox

Great customer support, when buying was easy to use the website, feedback and recommendations were great and helped me to buy. After receiving the build i am amazed at the quality of it, clean interior, nicely laid out. Additionally; the benefits that are provided for each customer far outweigh many retailers or other custom build companies on the market, which for me was the main reason for buying from Utopia. I asked during the build for them to send over photos of the process as well, which was really cool. I'm very happy with the overall experience and look forward to using Utopia again for any upgrades or beyond. I've attached the photos i received from Utopia and the last three is what i received and my setup. Thank you Utopia.

Mathew Teague.png__PID:896a6fb1-b5f1-4b5b-bd65-ac9a41b80d1f

Mathew Teague

Utopia Ballista

I recently purchased a PC from Utopia and I can honestly say it has been one of, if not the best customer experience I've ever had! As well as the customer experience the PC has been built to master level quality in my opinion. I'm so happy with the purchase and experience. I would like to personally thank Liam, Ryan and Robert at Utopia with the help they have given me and with answering my vast amount of questions. Before I even purchased the PC Liam and Ryan were willing to answer all my questions and Ryan even recommendations where I could save money. Which I thought was brilliant as many companies I've used in the past would just let you spend even if you don't need some of the things or try to get you to spend more. My build was originally a mini ITX called the Pandora but due to an easy mistake with their recommendations to me, they realised the GPU wouldn't fit. Instead of just replacing the GPU or not involving me (like some companies would) Robert called me and completely involved me in the process and even upgraded me and some of my parts to their bigger Ballista version without charging me so that the GPU would fit. Their customer service has also exceeded where others haven't in even providing me after hours support. When I had an issue with a second M.2 drive. I can't recommend these guys enough and will be coming back to them for when my PC needs an upgrade or I'm on the market for a new PC all together. Easy 5+ stars!!

Marcus Biggins.png__PID:6fb1b5f1-ab5b-4d65-ac9a-41b80d1f2122

Marcus Biggins

Utopia Helix

I found these guys after I did a search for PC's that could run World of Warcraft Classic at max graphics. I thought it's quite an ingenious idea to match their PC's capabilities to the types of games/task that people may want to use them for. I emailed through and had some correspondence with Ryan who tailored a custom quotation for me with also the option to upgrade certain aspects as well - which I did! After reading the rave reviews, it didn't take me long to place an order. I financed half the amount which was handy for me. I was then contacted by Barry who upgraded me to a Liquid cooling system and also threw in a free upgrade of RAM too. The PC was ready sooner than expected and I had it shipped out next working day. I spoke to Rob and changed this to a day earlier which was no hassle either. I went for the Helix with some upgrades too. It runs like a dream, looks amazing and makes no noise whatsoever. I liked that it was plug-and-play - genuinely press the power button and you're away - everything's already installed. Cracking quality & great price. Would highly recommend.

Our Utopian Philosophy

It’s What Makes Us Tick

At Utopia Computers, we live by these values every day. They drive us to innovate, inspire, and push the boundaries of what’s possible. We’re here to create extraordinary experiences, challenge the status quo, and make a real impact. Join us in this journey and let’s build something amazing together.

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