All out performance.

From £1332 (or £40.57 p/month)

Loaded with lightning-fast hardware and liquid cooling.

The Ballista is built from the ground up by our expert engineers and loaded with hand-picked, cutting-edge hardware for serious performance and customisation. Choose from zero-maintenance all-in-one liquid CPU cooling, or take your dream machine to the next level with a fully custom liquid cooling system - hand-crafted by our experts, and giving you ultra-cool temperatures.

A work of art.

With its best-in-class components, luxurious materials, ultra-cool liquid cooling system and expert craftsmanship, the Ballista is fully equipped to give you truly breath-taking performance and unmatched reliability.

It's beautiful customisable RGB chassis lighting and tempered glass side panel truly showcase the high-speed internal hardware hardware in all it's glory.

Expert tuning & intelligent airflow.

Intelligent airflow management is key in order for overclocking to work safely and effectively. And we have it down to a fine science. The Ballista's advanced liquid cooling system is coupled with cooling fans pushing ice-cold air through the internals while the exhaust fans extract any hot air circulating in the system.

Our ProLine overclocking service then takes your Ballista to the next level, with our overclocking gurus unlocking even more power from the processor. They'll safely tune it beyond factory stock speeds, resulting in a 10-15% turbo-charged performance boost.


AMD Elite System Builder

We're hand-picked and approved by AMD.

We work in partnership with AMD to bring you unrivalled quality, high-performance and officially approved gaming PCs and professional workstations.

You can be confident your Utopia AMD-powered system is rigorously stress tested for up to 72 hours to ensure maximium performance & reliability.