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Introducing the Rebel: Thermaltake Edition

Epic in Every Shade - Your Style, Your Rules

Step into the future with Utopia's Rebel: Thermaltake Edition, where unrivalled performance meets unparalleled design. Combining Utopia's innovation and Thermaltake's cutting edge cooling performance and aesthetics, the Rebel is your gateway to top-tier gaming. Embrace the power, revel in the uniqueness, and dominate the game. Welcome to a new world of gaming excellence.


Your Rebel, Your Horizon: Customise to Conquer

Craft your dream machine with the Rebel's custom configurator. Tailor every aspect, from performance components, like picking your ultimate GPU, to choosing a visual vibe that's distinctly you. Whether building for ultimate speeds or a splash of colour, make a statement that brings out the ultimate gaming in you! Your Rebel, your rules. Click 'Configure Yours' and start your creation!.

Distinct Visuals

Dive into a gaming revolution with the Rebel's groundbreaking horizontal stand and customisable LCD panel. This unique design doesn’t just change the game—it elevates your entire gaming and streaming setup, showcasing your personality and style in a way that leaves the ordinary far behind.

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Command the Room

The Rebel isn't just a PC—it's a centrepiece. Its mesmerising design and customisable RGB lighting transform your desk into a showcase of tech art. This system doesn't just stand out; it commands attention, making every gaming session an event to be envied.

Stream in Style

Elevate your stream with the Rebel, Flexing both style and power. Its awesome aesthetics and dynamic lighting set the stage, ensuring you stand out in the streaming arena. Beyond performance, it's a statement piece that reflects your unique brand, captivating your audience with every frame.


Convenient Access Ports

The Rebel's upper deck is your command centre, boasting a USB 3.2 (Gen 2) Type-C port alongside dual USB 3.0 ports. Instantly connect and command your arsenal of gaming peripherals with the speed and simplicity that keeps you in the game and ahead of the competition.

Latest & Greatest Hardware

Unleash unmatched power and flair with the Rebel. Packed with cutting-edge components from Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, and Thermaltake, it’s engineered to put you at the forefront of innovation. More than a powerhouse, it's a visual feast, designed to stun and inspire at every time you press the power button and jump into a game.


The Utopian Experience


Lifetime Support

Get a free lifetime of technical support direct with Utopia.


2 Year Warranty + 10 Years of Upgrade Labour

As standard, you'll get our 2-year warranty backed with a 10 years of free complimentary labour direct with Utopia.


30 days No-Fail Guarantee

If critical-issues should arise in the first 30 days, then your system will be eligible for a full system rebuild with all new components.


Manufactured in Scotland

Flawless craftsmanship & cable management


25 Years of Experience

Computer building is our passion and profession for 25 years



Our systems are built with only the highest grade, hand-picked components and rigorously stress tested for up to 72 hours to ensure maximium performance & reliability.

What our customers say about us

Duiane Vidal

The only reason I am giving these guys a 5* review is because I can't go any higher. I have been dealing with them for 7 years now and they have always managed to perform above expectations and deliver. If you want first class customer service with positive and acceptable outcomes every time I highly recommend these guys. The technical knowledge and expertise too is second to none. We have encountered problems along the way as with any transactional relationship but they have always come up with an immediate solution that prioritises your positive outcome above their own bottom line. I cannot recommend these guys enough.

Charlotte Charles

These builders were really helpful in giving me advice on what specifications I should go for. When I put in an order with them, they let me know that there were parts out of stock, and even upgraded the parts for free! Cannot recommend them enough, especially Barry who kept in touch with me throughout the process.

Vieri Nucci

A big thank you to Utopia Computers. I am happy with the laptop and they had excellent communication and customer service. I'd definitely recommend them!

Rhys Lunn

Bloody amazing services that actually went out of their way to cover extra expenses to complete the deal. Staff are amazing and extremely friendly and responsive. Making beasts of PCs that are worth as much money as you put into it. They won't rob you and are amazing.


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