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Foundry Nuke

The Best Workstation for
Foundry Nuke

Foundry Nuke is one of the most robust VFX and Film Editing softwares on the market, whether your focus is on blockbusters, animation or binge-worthy episodic content, Nuke’s flexible and robust toolset empowers teams to create pixel-perfect content every time. Foundry Nuke can be quite a power hungry application and that is why we've created a list of the best components to ensure unparalleled performance. 

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Recommended Hardware for Foundry Nuke

Processor (CPU)

Foundry Nuke thrives on fast single-core performance, making high clock speeds essential for optimal results. Our top recommendation? Intel's 14th Generation CPUs, boasting clock speeds surpassing 6GHz, consistently lead our benchmarks and stand as the prime choice for configuring a Foundry Nuke workstation.

For projects demanding more than 128GB of memory, particularly those with resource-intensive effects, consider AMD Threadripper CPUs. With support for up to 512GB of RAM and core counts of up to 98-Cores, they excel in handling complex, high-end projects with ease as memory allocation can disappear very quickly.

Memory (RAM)

As mentioned above Foundry Nuke can eat into memory quickly and it's not uncommon to see 128GB struggle in high-end projects. With this in mind we recommned starting off with 64GB as a bare minimum. To help you understand good pairing between CPU and Memory we created a table below. 

Good Better BestUltimate
CPUIntel Core i7 14700K 20-Core @ 5.6GhzIntel Core i9 14900K 24-Core @ 6GhzAMD Threadripper 7980X 64-Core @ 5.1GhzAMD Threadripper Pro 7995WX 96-Core @ 5.1Ghz

Graphics Card (GPU)

Your graphic card is yet another key component not to be forgotten about when configutring a system for Nuke. The FPS (frames per second) in your viewpoint Your graphic card is yet another key component not to be forgotten about when configuring a system for Nuke. The FPS (frames per second) in your viewpoint determines the smoothness of the project. The higher the performing card the higher the FPS which equals less jittering and overall a better experience while editing. Nuke, like it does with RAM, can eat into the VRAM of your graphics card when dealing with complex animations. 

Our recommendation would be to opt with at least a mid to high-end NVIDIA Geforce graphics card. The RTX 40 SUPER series of cards (RTX 4070 SUPER, RTX 4070Ti SUPER and RTX 4080 SUPER) are a great starting point as come with 12GB of VRAM for the 4070 cards and 16GB of VRAM for the RTX 4080 SUPER. The chart topping RTX 4090 comes with an impressive 24GB of RAM and should be considered when working on high-profile projects. Should 24GB of VRAM not suffice then we would recommend looking at NVIDIAs line of workstation grade GPUs. Previously named Quadro, these GPUs come with upto 48GB of VRAM however, come with a hefty pricetag.  

Storage Drives 

PNuke isn't a demanding application on your storage however, a faster drive will see that your files are quickly accessible. Multiple drives will provide the optimal performance as you can asign them particular tasks. 

As a baseline we would suggest a two drive configuration, ideally an SSD varient for both

For your OS drive (C: drive) we suggest a NVMe SSD as it greatly improved the overall experience of Windows, loading into programs, boot times and searching for files.

A Media Cache or Scratch Disk around 1/2TB would be ideal. The faster this drive is, the smoother the overall performance and quicker access to files will be. Again, we would recommned an NVMe SSD for this. 

Additionally, a Storage Drive would be useful in order to keep the finished projects in a safe place. High capacity SSDs and Hard Drives are great to locally store the files on your PC. 

Ready to configure your next workstation? 

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Sonox Workstation Frequently Asked Questions 

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