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Craig Hume

09 | 11 |2023

Why Utopia Doesn’t Do Black Friday: Quality Over Quick Deals


- Utopia custom-built PCs are a careful choice, not a rushed decision, ensuring you get a machine that's right for you without Black Friday pressure.
- Black Friday "deals" are often not the lowest prices of the year; Utopia's honest pricing policy means you get real value without deceptive discounts.
- Skipping Black Friday chaos allows Utopia to maintain excellent customer service and manageable workloads for our team, prioritizing quality and wellbeing.
- Utopia's commitment to quality means every component in our PCs is rigorously tested for reliability before being approved for use, guaranteeing top performance.

This blog post delves into why Utopia eschews Black Friday, emphasising thoughtful purchasing, honest value, stress-free service, and rigorous quality control for building custom PCs.

Table of Contents

  • The Rush Vs. The Right Decision
  • The Truth Behind The “Best Deals”
  • Our Team's Well-being: A Priority
  • Quality Control: Our Non-Negotiable
  • Our Festive Promise To You

As the festive season rolls in, the buzz of Black Friday deals is almost impossible to ignore. It's touted as the ultimate time to snag a tech bargain. But at Utopia, we do things differently and have compelling reasons to skip the Black Friday frenzy.

The Rush Vs. The Right Decision

Black Friday is synonymous with hurried, pressured shopping. But picking a custom-built PC isn’t a decision to rush. It's an investment. Our customers often deliberate for up to three months to select the perfect machine to meet their needs. Why? Because with a Utopia PC, you're not just buying a product; you're choosing a decade of reliability backed by our 10-year limited warranty. That's a long-term relationship with your tech. A rushed Black Friday purchase could mean settling for a less-than-ideal fit for your personal or professional demands, which nobody wants.

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Our Team's Well-being: A Priority

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While Black Friday may be a gold rush for sales, it’s often stressful for those working behind the scenes. We pride ourselves on the predictability and sustainability of our work. By avoiding the Black Friday mayhem, we maintain our commitment to our team's well-being, ensuring that our workforce is happy, healthy, and ready to provide the excellent service we are known for—no burnout, no cut corners, just exceptional service year-round.

The Truth Behind The “Best Deals”

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The Truth Behind The “Best Deals”It's easy to be swayed by the loud "SAVINGS" signs, but how much are you really saving? The consumer advice group Which? found that 87% of items advertised as Black Friday specials were available for the same or a lower price at other times of the year. At Utopia, honesty is our policy. We don’t inflate prices only to mark them down; we guarantee that the price you pay reflects the actual value of our top-tier components and craftsmanship.

Quality Control: Our Non-Negotiable

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We’re approached with “bargain” component deals every year as Black Friday approaches. But any part that hasn’t passed our rigorous testing doesn’t cut. We refuse to compromise on quality, which is why every Utopia PC is a testament to our stringent standards. No exceptions.

Our Festive Promise To You


At Utopia, we believe that the spirit of the festive season should be about joy, not urgency. That's why, instead of limited-time offers that push you to decide in haste, we provide exceptional value that lasts throughout the holiday season and beyond. Our commitment is to offer our customers unparalleled quality and service without the ticking clock of a sale's end pressuring the decision-making process. It's about delivering not just a product, but an experience that cherishes the gift of giving – at a pace that suits you and at prices that truly reflect the craftsmanship of a custom-built Utopia PC. So, take your time, savor the season, and when you're ready, we'll be here to build a computer that's tailored just for you, backed by our promise of good, honest value.

Our Festive Promise To You

While others are hunting for discounts during this busy time of year, we promise to focus on what truly matters: providing personalised service, supreme quality products, and an experience that makes you feel valued. We’re here to make sure the computer you choose is the best for you, to support our dedicated team, and to contribute positively to our world.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the festive season with Utopia, where our commitment to excellence and value is our gift to you.


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