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Building Utopia | Weekly Newsletter | Sat, 14 Jan

Article Image Craig Hume - MD @ Utopia

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Hey Friends,

This year the team at Utopia started with a bang by introducing our all-new Volta-17 ️It's our most powerful gaming laptop to date! This extreme-performance laptop is a true testament to our dedication to innovation.

I like to see this laptop as a replacement for your desktop, ideal for those who are short on space or looking to take their gaming on the move. It's also worth highlighting that we have been running some productivity tests on this laptop. With its i9 CPU and RTX 3080Ti GPU, this system has made light work of all content creation tasks and has been formidable at most other professional tasks we have thrown at it. In short, it was too good not to talk about!

You can configure your own by following this link... Volta-17


Craig - MD @ Utopia

🤖 Tech Highlight of the Week

CES - One of the largest tech shows in the world has been going on, and we have been blown away by so many new products. Coolermaster had a solid showing with their Synk X chair. This cross-platform haptic chair converts sound waves into vibration, causing quite a debate with the team at Utopia!

🎮 We're Playing this week

Barry - Purchasing Manager - Assassins Creed 1 on the Steam Deck - "Cool seeing the game from a different perspective now that I am older."

Want to be reminded why PC Gaming is so good? Check out this short blog on 5 Reasons Why PC Gaming is Superior to Console Gaming 💪

Gaming Blog

📖 From My Bookshelf This Week

Around the World in 80 Trains - Monisha Rajesh - Like many, I've missed travelling in recent years, and with a new baby in the house, it could be a while before I'm travelling again. This book is the perfect fix for missing those types of adventures. Monisha shares her and her Partner Jeremys' incredible 45,000-mile journey. A well-paced, enjoyable read that is hard to put down.

💬 Quote of the week

"If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you."

- Fred Divito

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