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Sonox | Good
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Sonox | Good - Utopia Computers
  • Intel Core i5 13600K 14-Core
  • 32GB DDR5 4800Mhz
  • 1TB NVMe + 2TB HDD
  • NVIDIA 8GB RTX 4060 OC
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Sonox | Better
Regular price £1,903.00
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Sonox | Better - Utopia Computers
  • Intel Core i7 13700K 20-Core
  • 32GB DDR5 RAM 4800MHz
  • 1TB + 2TB NVMe SSD
  • NVIDIA 8GB RTX 4060Ti
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Sonox | Best
Regular price £3,119.00
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Sonox | Best - Utopia Computers
  • Intel Core i9 13900K 24-Core
  • 64GB DDR5 RAM 4800MHz
  • 2TB + 4TB NVMe SSD
  • NVIDIA 12GB RTX 4070
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Sonox | Custom
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Sonox | Custom - Utopia Computers
  • Up to AMD/Intel 24-Core
  • Up to 128GB DDR5 RAM 4800MHz
  • Up to 8TB NVMe SSD + 16TB SSD
  • Up to NVIDIA 24GB RTX 4090 / A6000
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Sonox Lite

From £1030 (or £41.68 p/month)

Class leading workstations

Accelerate your workflow with our acclaimed Sonox workstation desktop.

Up to
Up to
Turbo Boost
Up to
Up to
Up to
SSD read speeds
Up to

Simplistic Design. Zero Noise.

Our Sonox range of workstations fits perfectly into your office, workshop or home with its minimalistic design. Internal sound deadening foam blocks any noise from the internal components offering a more relaxing work space.

Fully optimised for your software.

Purpose build to ensure quicker rendering times, more fluid design work and zero downtime. The Sonox Lite has been engineered to deliver maximum performance in all creative suites including Adobe, Cinema 4D, Octane and AutoCad.

3D Rendering
Adobe Creative Suite

3D Rendering

1 DaVinci Resolve

2 Unity

3 Vegas Pro

4 3DS Max

5 Blender

6 Cinema 4D

7 Maya

8 Octane

9 Unreal Engine

10 VRay


1 Sketch Up

2 Solid Edge

3 Autodesk AutoCAD

4 Matrix Gold

5 Autodesk Revit

6 Dassualt Solidworks

7 Keyshot

8 Lumion

9 Autodesk Inventor

10 Rhino

Adobe Creative Suite

1 After Effects

2 Animate

3 Audition

4 Dimension

5 ID

6 Illustrator

7 In Design

8 Lightroom

9 Photoshop

10 Premier Pro

Ultimate Thermal Performance

Enhanced thermal performance is paramount for optimal workstation functionality. Our engineers take pride and relentless dedication to crafting a workstation that surpasses industry standards. With our innovative thermal design, the Sonox empowers core components like the CPU and Graphics Cards to operate at peak performance levels. This unwavering performance endurance allows you to tackle intensive tasks, from a full day's workload to even extended rendering sessions overnight, without compromising on productivity or system stability.

Class leading connectivity

With upto five front USB ports including one USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C with fast charging and speeds up to 10Gbps - the Sonox Lite offers super fast and reliable transfer speeds Whether you’re on a 4K/8K multi-cam shoot with portable audio recorders for each host, or filming B-Roll with drones and GoPros, you can connect plenty of devices simultaneously and transfer footage quickly.


Lightning-fast Intel®
and AMD® processors.

i5 or i7 processor logos

Our Sonox Lite offers lightning-fast speeds, consistently fast render times and ultra smooth editing even in the most demanding software utilizing the latest generation AMD Ryzen and Intel Core processors.

NVIDIA Workstation Grade Graphics

NVIDIA geforce logo

Designed for creative professionals and enterprises to meet the demands of advanced multi-app design and visualization workflows, NVIDIA RTX and Quadro RTX GPUs are the world’s preeminent visual computing solution.

Speed is everything

M.2 Image

We understand the importance of time efficiency when handling demanding workloads. That's why all our workstations are equipped with lightning-fast NVMe storage as standard. Experience blazing transfer speeds and enjoy a super smooth Windows experience..

Reliability is key

Picture of Cooler Master air and liquid coolers.

With our 72 point testing method our workstations are stress-tested and benchmarked against application guidelines with ISV certified hardware to ensure complete stability under even the most extreme workloads. .

20+ Years Experience

Picture of parts showing that the Helix is upgradeable.

Our extensive knowledge and experience in workstations gives you the confidence to buy some of the most powerful workstations on the market. Our engineers will help you configure the most suitable system for your workflow and budget.

10 Years Limited Warranty

Picture of Cooler Master RGB fans.

Enhance your peace of mind with our unparalleled expertise and experience, supported by an outstanding 10-year limited warranty. While knowledge is crucial, it is our award-winning track record that truly distinguishes us, assuring you of complete confidence in our services. With this remarkable warranty, you can rest assured that you are making a reliable and enduring choice..

Choose Your Model

Enhanced and refine your next desktop to perfection. With a selection of both Intel™ and AMD™ processors to unleash unparalleled high-performance capabilities, empowering you to excel in various endeavors. Immerse yourself in the latest gaming experiences, shape visionary architectural designs, or unravel complex scientific data with ease. Choose your platform and create something exceptional.

AMD 7000 Series
AMD 7000 Series - Utopia Computers
Up to 16 Processor Cores
Up to 4.7GHz
Boost up to 5.7GHz
Huge Storage Options
Intel 14th Gen
Intel 14th Gen - Utopia Computers
Up to 24 Processor Cores
Up to 3.5GHz
Boost up to 6.0GHz
Huge Storage Options


AI-Powered Performance In Your Favorite Games & Apps