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Drive Generative AI Breakthroughs Now
with Utopia x Supermicro's GPU Optimised Systems

Utopia Sonox Servers with the latest NVIDIA L40S GPU, offer ample supply and drive breakthroughs in multi-workload acceleration for large language model (LLM) inference and training, graphics, and video applications. As the premier platform for multi-modal generative AI, Supermicro solutions with L40S GPUs, provide end-to-end acceleration for inference, training, graphics, and video workflows to power the next generation of AI-enabled audio, speech, 2D, video, and 3D applications.

Introducing NVIDIA L40S GPU

From virtual workstation application to large-scale modelling and simulation, modern visual computing and scientific workflows are growing in both complexity and quantity. Enterprises need data centre technology that can deliver extreme performance and scale with versatile capabilities to conquer the diverse computing demands of these increasingly complex workloads.
The NVIDIA® L40 GPU delivers unprecedented visual computing performance for the data centre, providing next generation graphics, compute, and AI capabilities.
Built on the revolutionary NVIDIA Ada Lovelace architecture, the NVIDIA L40 harnesses the power of the latest generation RT, Tensor, and CUDA cores to deliver groundbreaking visualisation and compute performance for the most demanding data centre workloads


Universal Performance

Up to
Tensor Performance
Up to
RT Core Performance
Up to
Single-Precision Performance


Powered by the NVIDIA Ada Lovelace Architecture

Fourth-Generation Tensor Cores

Hardware support for structural sparsity and optimized TF32 format provides out of-the-box performance gains for faster AI and data science model training. Accelerate AI-enhanced graphics capabilities with DLSS to upscale resolution with better performance in select applications.

Third-Generation RT Cores

Enhanced throughput and concurrent ray-tracing and shading capabilities improve ray-tracing performance, accelerating renders for product design and architecture, engineering, and construction workflows. See lifelike designs in action with hardware-accelerated motion blur and stunning real-time animations.

CUDA Cores

Accelerated single-precision floating point (FP32) throughput and improved power efficiency significantly boost performance for workflows like 3D model development and computer-aided engineering (CAE) simulation. Use enhanced 16-bit math capabilities (BF16) for mixed-precision workloads.

Transformer Engine

ransformer Engine dramatically accelerates AI performance and improves memory utilization for both training and inference. Harnessing the power of the Ada Lovelace fourth-generation Tensor Cores, Transformer Engine intelligently scans the layers of transformer architecture neural networks and automatically recasts between FP8 and FP16 precisions to deliver faster AI performance and accelerate training and inference.

Efficiency and Security

L40S GPU is optimized for 24/7 enterprise data center operations and designed, built, tested, and supported by NVIDIA to ensure maximum performance, durability, and uptime. The L40S GPU meets the latest data center standards, are Network Equipment-Building System (NEBS) Level 3 ready, and features secure boot with root of trust technology, providing an additional layer of security for data centers.


L40S GPU enables ultra-fast rendering and smoother frame rates with NVIDIA DLSS 3. This breakthrough frame-generation technology leverages deep learning and the latest hardware innovations within the Ada Lovelace architecture and the L40S GPU, including fourth-generation Tensor Cores and an Optical Flow Accelerator, to boost rendering performance, deliver higher frames per second (FPS), and significantly improve latency.

L40S Specs

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ARS-221GL-NR - Upto 4x L40S GPUs

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