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Two Kingston FURY Renegade Pro DDR5 RDIMM memory modules sit against a black BCB graphic.

Kingston FURY Renegade Pro DDR5 RDIMM Memory

Kingston FURY Renegade Pro DDR5 RDIMM memory module
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Kingston FURY™ Renegade Pro DDR5 RDIMM Memory

Overclockable ECC registered DIMM

With over three decades of building reliable, high-quality memory modules for the world’s largest data centers, Kingston proudly introduces a new line of overclockable server-class memory, Kingston FURY™ Renegade Pro DDR5 RDIMM. To meet the computing demands of next-gen workstation and high-end desktop platforms requiring the use of DDR5 registered DIMMs, Kingston FURY Renegade Pro DDR5 RDIMM provides creators, engineering and data science professionals with high-performance memory normally reserved for gamers, without sacrificing the data integrity features and superior quality grade of registered DIMMs.

DDR5 registered DIMMs support ECC, capable of detecting and correcting multi-bit errors. This is in addition to on-die ECC, featured on all DDR5 DRAM components, which performs single-bit error detection and correction to mitigate system lockups and data corruption.

Power users can automatically get the most out of their systems with Kingston FURY Renegade Pro DDR5 RDIMM’s Plug N Play at 4800MT/s1 or choose one of the built-in profiles for optimum timings, speeds and voltage. Available in single-module capacities up to 32GB, kits of 4 up to 128GB and kits of 8 up to 256GB.

  • Overclocking with ECC
  • Increased efficiency
  • Intel® XMP 3.0 certified
  • Plug N Play
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Overclocking with ECC

Maintain data integrity while pushing the limits of DDR5 performance.
Kingston Renegade Pro DDR5 RDIMM flying through space surrounded by putple streaks.

Increased efficiency

With double the banks and burst lengths, keep up with the demands of the latest programs and applications with improved efficiency and lower latencies.
Four Kingston FURY Renegade Pro RDIMMs sit on a desk.

Intel® XMP 3.0 certified

Select one of the built-in profiles to maximise memory performance with advanced pre-optimised timings, speeds and voltage.
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Plug N Play

Automatically utilize the factory preset speed and latency timings without having to tinker with the BIOS.

Get Your PC Ready with Kingston FURY Renegade Pro DDR5 RDIMM

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