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Our most feature-packed gaming laptop yet.

Unleash the power of cutting-edge gaming with the Mech-15, featuring the latest Intel® Core™ i9 processor and NVIDIA GeForce RTX™ graphics. This ultimate portable powerhouse is engineered for perfection, boasting a QHD (2560x1600) 240Hz display for lightning-fast reaction times and ultra-immersive visuals. Dive deeper into your games with super-slim bezels and a per-key RGB backlit keyboard that offers pinpoint precision. All packed into a sleek design—just 19.9mm thin and weighing only 2.1kg. Ready, set, game on!

Game-changing, compact design.

The Mech-15 redefines portability with its premium hybrid metals and polycarbonate build, feeling as light and compact as a 14-inch laptop. Thanks to its intelligent design and ultra-thin bezels, this 15.6-inch marvel combines durability with a sleek aesthetic that's easy to carry anywhere. Whether for work or play, the Mech-15 is your go-to for style and performance on the go.

Illuminate Your Gameplay with Precision.

Elevate your gaming experience with the Mech-15's stunning RGB backlit chiclet keyboard. Engineered for precision, each key ensures fast, accurate actuation and exceptional responsiveness. Experience quicker keystrokes, enhanced accuracy, and a longer lifespan than traditional keyboards. It’s not just about playing the game—it’s about dominating it, in style.

Glorious QHD 240Hz gaming panel with super-slim bezels

Say goodbye to 1080p and hello to crystal-clear, razor-sharp visuals on the Mech-15's QHD (2560x1600) display, boasting a 100% sRGB color gamut. With a blistering 240Hz refresh rate and low-response gaming-grade screen, you’ll enjoy seamless gameplay free from screen tearing and stutter. The nearly bezel-less design not only enhances your immersive experience but also keeps the laptop compact and light. For the serious gamer and tech enthusiast, the Mech-15 isn’t just an upgrade—it’s a revolution.

NVIDIA® GeForce™
RTX graphics.

NVIDIA geforce logo

The Mech-15 stands ready to conquer any task—whether you’re slicing through video edits, refining high-resolution photos, diving deep into coding, or dominating the eSports arena. Equipped with the formidable new RTX 40-series graphics cards, this laptop handles intensive applications with ease, ensuring top-notch performance across all your creative and competitive needs.

Intel® Core i9
14th Generation

i7 processors logo.

Experience the pinnacle of computing power with the Mech-15, powered by Intel’s 14th generation mobile processor. Whether you're tackling the most demanding tasks or pushing the limits of your software, enjoy lightning-fast speeds and peak performance that keep you ahead of the curve.

Super fast and flexible
storage options.

2 M.2 drives side by side.

Maximise your efficiency with the Mech-15's super fast and flexible storage solutions. Choose from a variety of SSD configurations to suit your needs, ensuring lightning-quick boot times, instantaneous application launches, and ample space for all your games, projects, and media. With customisable storage options, the Mech-15 adapts to your lifestyle, making it perfect for gamers, creators, and professionals alike..

Thunderbolt 4:
the future of connectivity.

Thunderbolt 4 Type C cable.

Unlock the full potential of connectivity with Mech-15's lightning-fast data transfer rates of up to 40Gbps. Featuring a fully reversible cable orientation, you can plug in with ease from any angle. The incredible versatility of our connections means you can move large files in seconds, connect multiple devices seamlessly, and streamline your workspace. Experience efficiency and flexibility like never before!

Latest, cutting-edge
Wireless AX WiFi 6E

WiFi 6 logo.

Elevate your online experience with the Mech-15's advanced wireless technology. Utilising 2.4GHz and 5GHz Dual Band frequencies, you'll enjoy improved latency, reduced jitter, and virtually eliminated video freezing—even at extended ranges. Whether gaming, streaming, or conferencing, our dual-band capabilities ensure a stable, faster connection that keeps you in the action without interruptions.

RGB Lighting
Control Centre.

Mech-15's RGB Lighting Control App.

Transform your Mech-15 into a reflection of your personal style with the Colour Wizard app. Fully customise the RGB lighting down to each individual key, selecting from a spectrum of colours and dynamic effects. Set the mood for gaming, create ambient lighting for your workspace, or simply express yourself. Your Mech-15, your style, your rules.


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