From £1656 (or £50.44 p/month)

Our most feature-packed gaming laptop yet.

Gone are the days where gaming laptops have to be huge bulky beasts. Our Mech-15 is armed to the teeth with every feature you'd want in an ultimate portable gaming rig: A buttery-smooth 165Hz 1440p screen giving you unrivalled reaction times, per-key RGB backlit mechanical keyboard, super-slim bezels for next-level immersion, and all the while being only 19.7mm thin and a mere 1.7kg in weight.

Game-changing, compact design.

Crafted from premium hybrid metals and polycarbonate, the 15.6inch Mech-15 has the form factor of a 14inch laptop, due its intelligent compact design and super-slim bezels.

RGB backlit mechanical gaming keyboard.

The Mech-15 comes equipped with a stunning RGB per-key backlit, mechanical keyboard, which ensures that each keypress is actuated and accounted for; allowing for faster actions, faster travel between key-clicks, hugely improved keypress accuracy, and a much longer lifespan than a traditional laptop keyboard.

Glorious 165Hz gaming panel with super-slim bezels

The 165Hz low-response gaming-grade screen panel eliminates screen tearing and choppy frame rates, minimizing display stutter and input lag to give you the competetive edge.
And the almost bezel-less design gives you an improved, next-level immersive gaming experience, while reducing size and weight. It's a must for any proud gamer or enthusiast.