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Hello, Intel Core Ultra: A Fresh Take on Intel's Processor Branding

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After over a decade of giving us the iconic Intel Core i-series processors (if you're reading this then I'll bet my last £ that you are familiar with Core i5, i7, and so on), Intel has decided to freshen things up. Guess what? They're saying goodbye to the letter "i" in their processor branding. Hold tight. Here's the scoop!

New Intel Branding Alert!

So, Intel unveiled their new processor series, Intel Core and Intel Core Ultra. Imagine that ‘Intel Core Ultra 7’ badge gleaming on a laptop - sounds fancy. Let's take a moment to appreciate the hard work Intel put into creating such a strong Core i-series brand, and now, they're beginning a new chapter.

Caitlin Anderson, a superstar VP at Intel, shared that this is all about aligning the branding with Intel’s innovative new technologies. They are pumped about a processor platform called Meteor Lake that will be a whiz in power efficiency and AI. 

“Our client road map demonstrates how Intel is prioritizing innovation and technology leadership with products like Meteor Lake, focused on power efficiency and AI at scale.”

Intel VP Caitlin Anderson

What’s the Difference?

Good question! The Intel Core Ultra series looks like it's designed for high-flyers – think of it as the top dog of processors. It’s aimed at the top-tier market, like tech enthusiasts and businesses who need all the power they can get! Meanwhile, the Intel Core series will cater to a broader audience, making it perfect for everyday users.

You might be wondering, “What happened to those generation numbers? Like 13th and 14th gen?” Intel is keeping it low-key by not mentioning the generation in the marketing. But, worry not; we suspect you’ll still be able to find the generation info in the model number. If you can't and they change the model numbers too then things are going to get very complicated very quickly.

Why the Change Though?

So, Intel thinks this rebranding aligns with a significant shift in their chip architecture. It’s like getting a new wardrobe to go with your new style. But here’s the catch – some feel that the new branding might be a little confusing initially. Is Core Ultra 5 better than Core 7 or 9? How will we compare them?

It might take a minute for all of us to get used to this change. But just like when Intel introduced the Core processors in 2006, we’ll probably learn the ropes pretty quickly. Also, you can rest assured that Utopia will be on hand to provide simple explainers and guide you through any changes so you always choose the correct chip for your needs.

In a Nutshell

Intel's revamping its processor branding with the new Intel Core and Intel Core Ultra series, making a giant leap from the Core i-series. It’s a bold move and reflects changes in their tech. Let's cross our fingers and hope it's a change for the better! Here's to the next chapter Intel! 🥂

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