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Chroma PC Introducing the Chroma: The Ultimate Customizable Gaming PC from Utopia

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Today I’m introducing the newest edition to Utopia’s PC range, the Chroma. The Chroma has been expertly engineered from the ground up by our team here at Utopia to be the ultimate desktop computer for those who want serious performance, customisation and future expandability. Based on the Fractal Design POP chassis, the Chroma has been designed to offer you the ability to add your own flare to your new PC fully. With plenty of colour options available on the case alone, we have added tasteful RGB components and super colourful motherboard options to give it that…..POP! 

This PC can be configured to do everything from content creation to gaming - it's got you covered. So what exactly do you get when you buy a Chroma PC from Utopia?

What are the specification options?

So spec-wise, this system can be configured to support the latest top-of-the-line AMD and Intel CPUs, which currently are the AMDs 16-core 7950X and Intel 13th generation Core i9 13900K which has a staggering 24 cores. Up to 128GB GB of RAM - yes, you read that right, 128GB of Kingston Fury Beast RGB RAM is available here, putting this tremendous-looking PC squarely in the high-end category. Plenty of storage options, including up to 4x NVMe m.2 SSDs and terabytes of standard mechanical hard drive space. To round it all off, gamers and content creators bask in the ultimate performance, as the Chroma supports NVIDIA's latest RTX 4090 graphics card offering eyewatering performance in both games and GPU rendering. Of course, are the top-end specifications, but the Chroma is fully configurable, meaning you can spec up your PC to your particular budget and needs 

What is the warranty like?

Remember, our 10-year limited warranty backs every Utopia system, and lifetime tech support via phone, email or live chat, all supported by an excellent and experienced team - these are just some of the reasons Utopia has been voted Best System Builder in the UK more than any other computer manufacturer. We often get asked how we can offer long warranties on our systems. Well, we partner with great brands, like Kingston, who, in this case, provide their Fury Beast RGB RAM that we offer in these systems. The eye-catching design of this RAM is all very good and well. Its their reliability and performance that allows Utopia to rely on them. With 32GB, 64GB and 128GB options all running up to a staggering 4800MHz, this RAM allows our CPUs to perform at their best. 

Each component in the Chroma is hand-picked and chosen for its compatibility with the other component options in the PC - that’s why Utopia’s systems often have less configurable options than other builders as we believe in building the best, we have to be confident that we have thoroughly tested each component together to ensure they work well together and get the best out of the overall performance of the system. As we have already said, a PC is far more than the culmination of the parts.

Cooling this monster of a Gaming PC

Now back to the Chroma. This is one cool and quiet PC. Featuring a unique hexagonally patterned mesh front, this mesh allows exceptional airflow and, we think, also delivers a striking visual effect while at the same time maximising cooling performance.

The Chroma system comes with three 120 mm ARGB fans as standard but can be upgraded to a total of five fans to light up your desk and make this system stand out from the crowd - as well as keep things nice and cool even when under full load.

Up top, the Front controls come with two 3.0 USB 5 Gb/s ports, a Microphone and headphone jacks, and a full-speed USB Type-C front port. With a newly developed addressable ARGB controller and ARGB power LEDs, everything you need is at your fingertips with the Utopia Chroma.

Who is the Chroma designed for?

So who did we design this PC for? We expect enthusiast gamers and content creators who want to level up their set-up will find this PC perfect. Whether sitting in an office or in your bedroom, the Chromas give you go-wild colour options. Seriously, if want a black and orange case with a purple motherboard and blue memory, go for it! We encourage you to be as creative as possible.  

You can check out the Chroma in the link down below.

Utopia Chroma

If you’d like help working out the best spec for your workflow of gaming preferences, just get in touch with the team. We are here to help!


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