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Maximum Performance

Configure the most powerful desktop replacement laptop in the world. If you are looking for ultra fast processing power, unbeatable graphics performance and lighting fast storage, then the Stratos-17 is for you!

Up To 8 Core Processor

Up To 5.3Ghz Turbo Boost

Up To 128GB Memory

Up to 8TB NVMe Storage

Up To 7000MB/s SSD Read Speeds

Up To 6144 CUDA Cores

Smoothest Gaming Experience

Dominate the battlefield with our fastest 165Hz high-refresh rate gaming panel. Hit more accurate shots, win those clutch moments. The Stratos-17 will give you the competitive edge.


Screen-To-Body Ratio


Display Available



The Ultimate Play

The Stratos-17 is equipped with the latest NVIDIA Ambere architecture offering benefits such as the groundbreaking AI rendering DLSS that boost frame rates up to 70% and Real Time Ray Tracing for the most realistic and visually pleasing gaming graphics.

Configure up to a desktop-class RTX 3080 to enhance your gaming experience

Desktop Performance in a Laptop

Customise the Stratos-17 to the most powerful gaming laptop on the market, powered by 11th Generation Intel® Core™ i9 8-core 11900K. Boosting up to 5.3Ghz using Intel Max Turbo you’ll be maximising your gaming experience

17-inch gaming laptop
17-inch gaming laptop
17-inch gaming laptop

1 6-in-1 Card Reader

2 USB 3.2 Type A (x2)

3 Audio Input/Output

4 USB 3.2 Type C

5 Mini DisplayPort 1.4 (x2)


7 2.5G Ethernet Port

8 AC Port (x2)

9 Thunderbolt™ 4 (x2)

X USB 3.2 Type A

NVIDIA® GeForce™
RTX graphics.

NVIDIA geforce logo

Whether you're editing videos, photos, coding or playing competitive esports games, the Stratos-17 can handle it all with its powerful new RTX 30-series graphics cards.

Intel® Core i7
11th generation processors.

i7 processors logo.

Get lightning-fast speeds and peak performance through even the toughest of tasks with Intel's 11th generation mobile processors.

Superfast and flexible
storage options.

2 M.2 drives side by side.

The Stratos-17 offers Solid State SATA m.2 Drives for up to 10x faster loading & render times than conventional Hard Disk Drives , or go for the ultimate performance option with M.2 PCI-Express SSDs which are up to 6x faster than standard SSDs..

USB 3.1 Type-C:
the future of connectivity.

USB 3.1 Type C cable.

With data transfer rates of up to 10Gbps, fully reversable cable orientation, and incredible versitility, USB Type-C is the best port for connecting new devices.

Latest, cutting-edge
Wireless AX (WiFi 6)

WiFi 6 logo.

Get improved latency, reduce jitter, and virtually eliminate video freezing at even greater ranges with 2.4GHz & 5GHz Dual Band frequencies.

RGB Lighting
Control Centre.

Stratos-17's RGB Lighting Control App.

Fully customise your Stratos-17's RGBs through the color wizard app. Choose the lighting effects and colours right down to each individual key to suit your style.


AI-Powered Performance In Your Favorite Games & Apps