How much does a gaming PC cost?

The first question most new PC gamers want to know is, how much should a Gaming PC cost? In truth, this question has different answers for different gamers, but I’m going to do my best to lay the foundations of a proper answer to this age old question!

So first,  what is a Gaming PC? In simple terms, a Gaming PC is a regular PC with a good quality Graphics Card (sometimes called GPU or Video Card). However, the reason for this blog is that it’s a little more complicated than that in practice. Gaming PCs have a crazy amount of options, configurations, and colour schemes available and with that you will see that prices range drastically. If you search for a Gaming PC on Amazon you are likely to be presented with options that start at less than £300, shop around elsewhere and you will quickly see advertised prices in excess of £2,000. So what gives? Why is there such a variation in price? Is the company selling the £2,000 PC just making loads of profit, or is there a reason for the cost?


Before we start exploring pricing let’s first put a little perspective on what it is we are buying. The average gamer will keep his or her PC for around 7 years, during that time clocking up a respectable 4,000 hours gaming*, your new Gaming PC is going to be one of your most loved and most used pieces of technology. With that in mind you want to get your choices right first time to get maximum enjoyment with minimum maintenance.


Now you can see why many choose to spend so much money on their gaming rig, it’s an investment in a tool that will be used for a serious amount of time, you really will want to get it right first time. While upgrades are possible, ideally you don’t want to be thinking about this in the few years of ownership.


Some gamers only focus on the initial price of the gaming PC with the goal of finding the cheapest builder, or perhaps even building themselves, therefore sometimes sacrificing low-maintenance, quality, warranty, looks and of course, what they actually wanted to run on the PC, which can inevitably lead to regret, especially when you consider the relatively high value depreciation of cheap and self build gaming PCs, buyers remorse is a real thing for some gamers.


So back to the crux of this blog, how much should you spend on your new Gaming PC to ensure a happy ever after story?


The answer lies with considering what kind of Gamer you intend to be. I’ve listed the four main categories below, but feel free to get in touch if you think I’ve missed you out!


Casual – These guys and girls are often moving to PC Gaming for the first time, perhaps upgrading from a console and looking to enjoy the wealth of games available on platforms like Steam for as little as a few pennies. They are looking to play games at low to medium settings on a regular 1080p monitor or even TV and don’t mind a little stuttering in certain games.

Typical Games:


Various Indie Games

Team Fortress 2

Rocket League

Recommended Spec

  • Core i3 CPU
  • Mid range graphics card (GTX 1050)
  • 8GB of ram
  • 60Hz 1080p monitor
  • Hard Drive or small SSD for storage

Casual Gaming PC Cost £450 – £600 PC Only


eSports – This category includes everyone from weekend warriors to professional full time eSports enthusiasts. To be competitive you are going to need exceptionally high frame rates, reliability and performance without lag.

Typical Games:

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

League of Legends


Dota 2

Recommended Spec

  • Core i5 or Core i7 CPU
  • High-end graphics card (GTX 1060)
  • 16GB of memory
  • 144Hz or higher 1080p monitor
  • SSD for operating system

eSports Gaming PC Cost £750-£1500 PC Only


Enthusiast – 1080p isn’t enough for you. 60 fps? Haha, you would laugh in the face of such low frame rates!. High settings? No a chance, if it’s not Ultra then you are not interested! If those are your demands for PC gaming, you need a Enthusiast Spec Gaming PC!

  • Core i7 or Core i9 CPU
  • High-end graphics card (GTX 1080)
  • 32GB of memory
  • 1440p, Curved or 4K monitor
  • NVMe SSD for operating system

Enthusiast Spec Gaming PC Cost £1,500 – £3,000 PC Only

Typical Games:

Battlefield 5


The Witcher 3

Skyrim with visual mods



Super High end Enthusiast – Gamers at this level simply want the best hardware available, bragging rights come as standard, as do custom paint, internal case mods and of course watercooling, allowing the performance to be pushed to even more eye watering levels.

  • Core i7 or Core i9 CPU
  • High-end graphics card (GTX 1080Ti possibly SLI meaning 2 cards)
  • 32GB (perhaps even 64GB) of memory
  • 3x monitors, VR Headset
  • Additional extras such as flight stick, steering wheel, pedals etc
  • NVMe SSD for operating system

Super High end Enthusiast Gaming PC Cost £3,000+ PC Only

Typical Games:

Flight Simulator

Assetto Corsa  

Train Simulator

Star Citizen


So there you go, the reason it’s a tricky question is that is has a different answer depending on who you are and what you intend to use your Gaming PC for. I hope this blog makes things a little clearer and I look forward to looking into each of the above categories in more detail in future blogs.

Average hours gaming taken from: *