Scottish Business Pledge

At Utopia we consider our team our family and alongside that we try and spread this love beyond our business, encouraging Utopia’s team to use some of their time at Utopia to help out with local causes and generally make the world the best place we can.


Happy birthday…to your PC!

At Utopia we love the computers we build, we really really do, and we know you love them too – your weird and wonderful order names tell us that. Here’s just a few to give you a taste: ‘Glorious Glowing Box of JOY’, ‘Juan-Fandango-Tripping-The-Light-Fantastic’ and ‘Cardo’s Magical Box’ with ‘Buttons and Blinking Lights and Funny Noises and Strange Manners’, it’s clear that you hold them dearly too.


This blog has been 5 years in the making!..

Five years ago today my team and I embarked on the age old advice of Confucius in an attempt to “…do what we love, so we would never have to work a day in our lives.” We shifted our focus onto building the world’s best PCs and re-launched our website allowing customers from all over the world to buy computers built by us, and little did we know it would be one of the best business decisions we would ever make.


Building computers on time, every time.

We often get asked how we manage to build such a wide variety of computers while consistently hitting on our promised delivery times. In this short blog I want to give some insight into the work that goes on in the background at Utopia to achieve this. (more…)

Utopia’s Journey to GDPR Readiness



GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), it’s an acronym that if you run a business you will have heard of. If not you better get researching, by May 2018 new legislation will be coming into force that will change the way we need to inform our customers about the data we store as well as giving Mr and Mrs Public far more concise rights to that information, including the right to be forgotten. In this blog I don’t want to talk about what GDPR is, there are plenty of blogs out there that already do that very well, no here I want to talk about the steps Utopia has taken to ensure my team and I are ready for May 2018.