How Much Should a Gaming PC Cost?

How much does a gaming PC cost?

The first question most new PC gamers want to know is, how much should a Gaming PC cost? In truth, this question has different answers for different gamers, but I’m going to do my best to lay the foundations of a proper answer to this age old question! (more…)

Scottish Business Pledge

At Utopia we consider our team our family and alongside that we try and spread this love beyond our business, encouraging Utopia’s team to use some of their time at Utopia to help out with local causes and generally make the world the best place we can.


Danger! High Voltage

One of the top questions we get asked by our customers at Utopia is how best to charge their laptop, do you charge to 100% all the time, do you then totally discharge, do you remove the battery when not in use, do you keep it at a perfect 16 degrees centigrade and only use it when the wind is prevailing to the west? I joke, but there are many myths and many suggestions that a simple Google search will uncover, but not all are correct and not all should be followed. In this simple blog I want to share some of my learnings and observations around batteries.